Easy, Contactless Offline Payments.

Xcard helps Nigerian businesses get paid offline by anyone via WhatsApp and SMS.

A new standard for taking offline payments.

Touch-free payment

Receive cardless, cashless and touch-free payments from your offline customers.

Direct Transfer

We don't delay your settlements. You bank account gets credited the second you get paid by customers.

Instant offline check-out

Offline check-out experience for your customers in now 2x faster with Xcard's instant chat payment.

Private & secure

Your customers payment & user data are 100% encrypted. Now your customers are protected from identity theft & fraud.

A simple and convenient toolkit for your point-of-sale

Gift cards for your new customers

Daily financial reports straight into your inbox

Cashbacks & credits for your most loyal customers.

API code to build new fintech businesses (coming soon)

Setting up Xcard is easy. And fast.

Only a few details about your business and that's it. You are good to go in less than 10mins.

We handle your payments. You focus on business.

Create a free account or get in touch with us.